Pruning Tomatoes

The intrinsic vigor and hardiness of tomatoes almost always guarantees a successful harvest. However, the rapid growth of a healthy tomato plant can also lead to problems.A tomato is a solar-powered sugar factory. For the first month or so, all of the sugar it produces is directed toward new leaf growth. During this stage, tomato plants grow very rapidly, doubling their size every 12 to 15 days. Eventually, the plants make more sugar than the single growing tip can use, which signals the plant to make new branches and to flower. This usually happens after 10 to 13 leaves have expanded, at which time the plant is 12 to 18 inches tall. In the next few weeks, the entire character of the tomato plant changes. If unsupported, the increasing weight of filling fruit and multiple side branches for..

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Home Farming By Anamika John

Having one’s own vegetable garden was a distant dream to me, as I lived in a desert land.Nothing changed even when I shifted to a villa with some yard at the back, not a grain of sand was visible as it was filled with pebbles. It was during the Qatar flower show that I got the shocking revelation that Qatar can produce vegetables much more than what I have seen in any kitchen gardens in Kochi.My friend who was the overall winner of the flower show for three consecutive times, gave me all confidence to take my first steps into gardening. She actually pushed me into it forcefully. My mother who had been here on visit, was a major strength for me to think of trying it. My mother loved gardening and her passion forced us to remove a few pebbles here and there, and she started off with a few ch..

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